Welcome to RTFcoin

RTF coin is a unique, stable and innovative crypto platform based on Rare earth element with ETF


    Asian Mineral Trading


    Rare-Earth Element +
    Exchanged Traded Fund

  • ISSUANCE1,000M

    * Tron based


Token Distribution & Ecosystem

The RTF token was designed to be owned and governed by its participants.

RTF Token Matrix
RTF Token Matrix (Account, Ratio, Amount)
Accounts Ratio Amount
Crowdsale 5% 5,000,000
Team 5% 5,000,000
Advisors 5% 5,000,000
Marketing 10% 10,000,000
Airdrop 10% 10,000,000
Project Reserve 15% 15,000,000
Program 15% 15,000,000
Foundation 35% 35,000,000
Total 100% 100,000,000
RTF Token Ecosystem
RTF Ecosystem


Checkout RTF Whitepaper

RTF Whitepaper cover


AMT Foundation plans to release a variety of services that allow quick and easy access to the RTF ecosystem, starting with the WEB to which the DApp is applied, for the implementation of DApp-type services in the future.

For more information on the RTF coin, check out the RTF white paper.

Road map

Our vision mapped out

  1. 2022

    Distribute RTF Coin

    Open RTF landing website

    Proceed exchange listing


    Confirm exchange listing

    1st MOU with China Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd.

  2. 2023

    Scheduled to open LC-NFT Platform

    2nd/3rd MOU with China Rare Earth Group Co., Ltd


    GTI EXPO 2023


    Open official version of RTF Platform

    Scheduled to announcer additional listings on exchanges


    Sign mining MOU with Ganzhou Rare Earth Group

    Trial period of issuing mining rights on NFT

  3. 2024

    2nd exchange listing


    Participate in mining rights in Dong Pao, Vietnam

    MOU with Vietnam TKV for rare earth supply chain


    Proceed on expanding RTF Platform ver. 2.0.

    Proceed on acquisition of own mining/processing company


Here are some of the RTF frequently asked questions

  • RTF Foundation applies the blockchain system to the rare earth transactions, to remove fundamentally various factors that may affect price formation or disturb the market in any way; it will provide technical support to maintain stable and continuous liquidity.

  • The RTF Coin is supported by RTF Foundation, and the blockchain system supports two types of blockchain technology at the same time. The first is an investment in the future value of holding RTF Coins.

    Although it does not provide the structure of a perfect future, RTF Coin can provide holders with a sufficient level of predictive return as a value investment for the future.

    The second is a provision of service that can replace the status of a bank, which is the intrinsic function of blockchain. LC-NFT is expected to be the most important service among the positive futures that RFT Coin will bring.

  • RTF Coin will be designed to perform a partial function with a stake participation qualification within the platform provided by the foundation. The function of the stake provided by RTF Coin has a meaning of a stake in the sales revenue of the rare earth contracted by the platform. These functions of the RTF Coin will be provided through various holding service types since they are provided by the platform, not by the coin itself.

  • AMT Foundation will determine supply and demand policies through individual contracts with rare earth mines in Southeast Asia, including China. RTF Foundation will proceed supply and demand of rare earth through direct contracts, not through linkages with platforms. The foundation plans to support all coin holders participating in RTF Coin to predict their profitability as much as possible.